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Note on submission of articles

The Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana invites historians to submit papers. Contact prof. Per Hernaes ( per.hernaes@ntnu.no ).

Please follow the style rules stated in “Note to contributors” below:

The THSG publishes scholarly articles in history and related disciplines. Book reviews are also welcomed as well as notes and queries of various kinds. The language of publication is English. We only accept articles that have not been previously published, or submitted for publication elsewhere.

**Author identification: There must be a cover sheet for each article, displaying the author’s name, institutional affiliation and current status. For purposes of blind reviews only the title should appear on the first page of each article submitted.

**Manuscripts: An article should not exceed 30 pages. It should preferably be submitted as attachment to e-mail. An abstract of not more than 100 words should accompany each article. (i) Quotations in excess of 20 words must be indented.
(ii) Footnotes: References to works used or cited (full ref. first time), or comments to text, should be numbered serially and placed at the bottom of the relevant page (footnotes). Book or Journal titles must be in italics; title of articles in quotation marks. — Examples:
• R. Addo-Fening Akyem Abuakwa 1700-1943: From Ofori Panin to Sir Ofori Atta. Trondheim: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 1997.
• P. Manning ‘The Enslavement of Africans: A Demographic Model’, Canadian Journal of African Studies, Vol. 15 (1981), pp. 499-526.

Use of op.cit and ibid. — Titles (ref.) should not be repeated. Instead use Op.cit. (e.g Addo-Fening (1997), Op.cit., p. 10.) Reference to the same source following in succession should begin with Ibid. e.g. Ibid., p. 45.

(iii) Bibliography: References to works consulted must be listed on a separate page at the end of the article in alphabetical order.